Businesses with Free Evaluations

Looking for a new tattoo? We have found a great place that you can send an image to the tattoo artist and you will get an estimate on how much and how long it would take. When it comes to tattoo’s you really need to trust the artist, VIP Tattoo of Duluth, MN has got a great portfolio of amazing work. They also have a flawless review record with Google. So if you are in the market for some permanent ink, take A look at the best tattoo shop in Minnesota.


Another great site that has a built in contact for is for a pair of criminal defense attorneys in St. Paul Minnesota, part of the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. If you are ever in trouble you may not think you need a lawyer. But the cost of a great counsel will outweigh the long term ramifications of going at it alone against the state legal system.


Semi Truck Fenders

This is a very narrow field, but if you are a semi truck driver or semi truck owner whether its fleet or individual. You need to check out Minimizer Semi Truck Fenders and Accessories. They have revolutionized the industry in aftermarket products that are perfect for your truck in terms of value, longevity and performance.

If you need a free evaluation of how minimizer fenders can save you money, check out their fleet savings calculator. How it works is based on how many trucks, how many miles and how long you have owned your truck. Minimizer fenders save you from debris kick up and also save on mileage. So check them out today!

Beauty Clinic

When you are looking to rejuvenate that pesky skin of yours, look no further than StarSpa Uptown Minneapolis. For a free evaluation, just send in an image of your problem areas and the therapist will recommend a desired course of action. They use dermapen lasers and microneedling to take care of any skin blemishes that need fixing. Whether its acne, burns, scarring or any other imperfection, you can be sure that they can fix your ailment. So give them a call or visit their website at and you will be taken care of.

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